Cantrip affiliate Guidelines

Thank you for being an affiliate marketer of Cantrip. We're happy to extend the opportunity to spread the good news about Cantrip in your home state!

Getting Started

To complete your admission into the Affiliate program, please make sure you have filled out an application. Once you have done so, we will email you with more information and a W9 to fill out.

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Do's and Don't's of Hemp Marketing

Despite Hemp being legal, social media hasn’t always been friendly to the industry. Make sure you review these guidelines before you post!

Any content explicitly promoting an explicitly hemp-infused product may be removed from social media of violating guidelines.

Do speak of how wonderful Cantrip is!

Do speak of how Cantrip may have helped you become a better version of yourself, reconnect with old hobbies, changes your relationship with alcohol, or any other way Cantrip has positively influenced your daily life.

Do share your affiliate link with friends, family, your social followers, and anyone else you think would enjoy Cantrip.

Do share content made by you or with permission from the original creator.

Don’t write or reference selling or a sales price of Cantrip in your post.

Don’t directly link Cantrip’s store in your post, instead try “Learn More”.

Don’t write "weed", "marijuana", "hemp", "cannabis", etc. in your post, instead try an emoji, or replacing some of the letters with symbols, such as "w33d".

Don’t depict or reference weapons of any kind.

Don’t post content specifically created for, appealing to, or featuring children and/or anyone under 21.

Don’t use nudity or explicitly sexual content in your posts.

Don’t use any hate speech or other depictions or references to harmful, antagonistic ideas.

Getting Paid

Cantrip will be making affiliate payments every two-weeks. Make sure to check the LeadDyno Affiliate Page for campaign details, your dollar progress, and for payout information.

Payments will be made via check and mailed to the address on your W9. If you do not complete your W9, you cannot be paid!

Affiliate Campaign Deals

Each sale made with your affiliate link earns you 10% back. Your link will also provide the purchaser 10% off of their order!

Occasionally, we will offer higher commission periods of time. Cantrip uses LeadDyno to track Affiliate sales and campaigns. LeadDyno is your primary source of information for new and upcoming promotions.

In LeadDyno, you will find:

- Your primary Affiliate link to share with friends and family.

- Pre-made social posts containing your embedded link.

- Your progress, including how many of your friends have visited our site, how many friends have signed up for our emails, and how many friends have made purchases.

- Payments made and due to you.

- The current commisions amounts, and any promotions we are running.

- A copy of the content guideline "Dont's" listed above.

Affiliate Resources

We want to make sure you have everything you need to be successful! If you have any questions, or need visual resources of any kind, please reach out to us.

For general Affiliate-related questions, please email Dylan.

Reach out to Dylan

For visual resources, or questions about content creation, please email Jess.

Reach out to Jess
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