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Cantrip’s mission is to enlighten, inspire, and connect people through unparalleled innovation in cannabis beverages. We aim for the name Cantrip to be synonymous with trusted, quality cannabis drinks worldwide.

company milestones

January 2020

Cantrip founder Adam Terry conceives of an infused social beverages that combines his love of THC with bringing people together through shared experiences. As a person who doesn’t connect with the binary gender system, Adam made it his mission that his new drink be created for all to enjoy.

April 2020

Adam Terry and his co-founder, Dylan Lowery, along with Creative Director Jess Brandon, choose the name Cantrip for the company.

The name was chosen to exemplify the beverage's playfulness and social aspects. "Cantrip" is associated with magic and the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons (DnD). It’s the simplest spell that can be cast in the game, which centers around a social, immersive adventure. Human connection, excitement, mischief, and exploration are integral parts of both DnD and the Cantrip brand.

June 2021

The first cans of 3mg THC + 2mg CBD Cantrip flavors are launched into the Massachusetts adult-use cannabis market.

May 2022

The first cans of Cantrip new line of 5mg THC beverages are released to Massachusetts.

September 2022

Cantrip becomes the first THC beverage brand to expand from the adult-use cannabis market in Massachusetts to the legal hemp market in Minnesota, and offer direct-to-consumer shipping nationwide.

press releases

Top THC Beverage Brand Cantrip First to Jump Into MN Legal Hemp Market

Cantrip Cannabis-Infused MA Local Seltzer Released to Market

Bon Appétit Feature

Cantrip was featured in Bon Appétit's February 2023 magazine.

Photographer: Isa Zapata
Author: Chala June


Official tagline: Dream Big, Drink better.

Brand summary: Cantrip infused drinks blend the magic of herbs and unique flavors to transform the way we drink. Whether you want a low-cal, low-sugar drink, a relaxing alcohol alternative, or a new way to see the world, Cantrips provides a fun, familiar way to hang out without the hangover.

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