cantrip 2021 holiday gift guide

Crack open a Cantrip, sit back, and take a look at some of the local (and a few larger) brands that we are excited about this December.

Alex's Ugly Sauce

Let's get this party started with a hot sauce that will truly make your holidays warmer.

Alex's Ugly Sauce, a Boston-based small batch hot sauce, combines a blend of beets, honey, onions, and garlic. The original sauce adds habanero, cayenne and serrano. 7/10 on the hotness scale, and we agree with their assessment - it burns real good.

Get Sauced
A jar of Alex's Ugly Sauce surrounded by hot peppers.
The Apple Cider Donut Candle from Kringle Candle.


We get it, candles can be over-gifted during the holidays. Just watch this SNL sketch.

Did you watch it? Great, it's hilarious. All that being said, the Apple Cider Donut Candle from Kringle Candle is  the best thing we have ever smelled. That's not an exaggeration.

We recommend giving this Mass-local candle to as many people as possible, so that no matter who you visit, you will always get to smell it. As an added treat, if you find yourself in Amherst this season, pop into Atkins Farm Country Market, grab the candle, and get an actual cider donut as well. You're welcome.

Get Lit

Mysterium @ battleground games

This game shop - with locations in Abington, Norton, and Saugus - is the perfect place to pick up one of our favorite board games, Mysterium. Become a psychic and divine spectral visions to solve the murder of a restless ghost....perfect for the holidays!

If board games aren't your style, Battleground has a truly impressive collection of miniatures, Magic cards, Pokemon singles, and more. Pop into your local shop and make all those game lovers happier than ever.

Let's Play
The board game Mysterium.
A model wearing a booty by Brabants pair of leggings.

booty by brabants

Who doesn't like a little booty? These textured leggings from Brabants are made for everybody - and that's something we can get behind.

Expect a unique shopping experience for folks of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Brabants removes unnecessary numbers from the shopping experience – because numbers don’t define anyone.

Check out their website and find the fit that's right for you...and do it all shopping from a company founded by a Boston native!

Let's Stretch

Coast Cannabis Co.

Not only do Coast's chocolate bars make great gifts, they will vastly improve any holiday gathering if we do say so ourselves.

Coast chocolate is made with organic, fair trade, ethically sourced chocolate direct from South America. Not to mention the taste and effect are simply delightful.

Bonus content: Coast is owned and operated by a husband and wife duo in Massachusetts, and is the first independently owned cannabis manufacturer in the state!

Let's Eat
A chocolate bar from Coast Cannabis Co.
A Red Headed Stranger vape from Fernway.


Everyone you ask has their personal favorite vape, but we wouldn't be suprised if Fernway made the top of a lot of those lists.

Local to MA, Fernway makes vapes for everyone who wants to make the good life even better. Their vapes have excellent flavor and make it easy to savor the moment.

This holiday season we are excited about the Red Headed Stranger, but find the flavor that's right for you!

Let's Vape


We'd probably recommend Freshly Baked on branding alone (that astronaut!), but they have so much more to offer. The company was founded by two disabled veterans who recognized the benefits of cannabis. Now that is something we can get behind.

And, from a practical standpoint, they deliver. Check out their gummies and Manna Speed Tabs and get to shopping.

Let's Get Baked
A collection of Freshly Baked Gummies.
A jar of Grillo's pickles.


Pickles, you say? On a gift list? That's right. These pickles are so good we think you should wrap them up and give them to every single person you know.

Grillo's is a Boston-based pickle company that has been crushing the pickle game for 100 years. Their pickles are made cold, shipped cold, and sold cold, without artificial preservatives or added colors.

As a bonus gift, throw in a Grillo's sweatshirt. That's right, this pickle company has merch!

Let's Eat

John Boos cutting boards

If you're one of those people that buys the plastic cutting boards from Ikea and hasn't thought about them since, we get it. But why not spend this year helping your friends and family upgrade their kitchen experience?

John Boos makes, hands down, some of the best cutting boards on the market. For those really looking for a whole new cutting world, grab one of their maple work tables. You'll never need to figure out how to store a plastic cutting board again.

Let's Cut
A John Boos cutting board.
A bar of Aztec spicy chocolate from Lake Champlain.

Lake Champlain Chocolate

Is there anything better than a perfectly smooth bar of dark chocolate? Maybe one paired with a Cantrip, but we digress.

If you're looking for a gift for someone with a sweet tooth this year, we recommend Lake Champlain Chocolate. Local to Vermont, Lake Champlain combines creativity and craftsmanship to create premium chocolate that we can't stop eating. Special call out to the Dark Spicy Aztec Chocolate Bar...if you can handle the heat.

Let's Eat

Isabel Souza

Looking for a handmade gift this year? Truro, MA local Isabel Souza designs beautiful ceramics that we are here for.

Isabel is drawn to the aspects of community and gathering associated with functional pottery. That's something we, as a social seltzer, support fully.

Looking to test the merchandise? Stop by Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters in Brewster, MA and grab a cup of coffee. Her mugs are there to enjoy!

Let's Shop
A stack of Isabel Souza mugs.
A sweater from Newbury Comics featuring Baby Yoda.

Newbury Comics hoodies

Let's be honest, at this point of the pandemic many people are just trying to get through each day. A big part of that for us is making sure to stay entertained, whether through comedy specials on Netflix or an unexpected gift. For the latter, Newbury Comics has got you covered.

The incredibly popular New England-based shop sells records, games, comics, collectibles, and more. This year, we are thankful for their sweatshirt collection. From Baby Yoda ugly sweaters to Pusheen hoodies, they've got plenty to keep you and your family entertained.

Let's Dress

Quivr canned coffee

There are a lot of nitro canned coffees out there, but Quivr takes the cake for us. Not only are they brewed right here in Massachusetts, they taste great and offer a decaf option!

The  family-owned company has been working in the coffee industry for decades. Expect rich flavor created with the purest ingredients, all ethically sourced.

Shake Hard, Pour Fast.

Let's Drink
A can of Quivr coffee.
A group of Sir Louis cigars.

Sir Louis cigars

Cigars remind us of sitting around a fire pit, swapping stories, and savoring the moment with loved ones. What better way to celebrate the holidays?

Sir Louis offers tasty, unique, and always high-quality cigars. We are particularly excited about the Sugar Cookie, an Ezra Zion dessert-style cigar that, like all Sir Louis products, gets shipped directly to you.

Let's Puff

urwizards dnd dice

For anyone who has played DnD - or is just looking to start - a complete set of dice is a must.

Enter Urwizards.

Their colorful and creatively designed dice sets are all you need to roll initiative this holiday season. They also offer custom packs for those looking to personalize their tabletop experience even further!

Let's Play
A DnD d20 dice from Urwizards.
A collection of ferrules from BB&F.


First thing's first - a ferrule is a cosmetic element on a golf club. It provides a smooth and more aesthetically pleasing transition from the shaft to the clubhead. Got it?

Now comes the fun part - BB&F's bespoke ferrules. There's plenty of golf accoutrement you could be gifting your golf-obsessed loved ones, but why not something more unique? High-quality, beautifully designed, and eye catching, with each swing they take they will think of you and smile...before they look up to see where the ball actually went.

Let's Play

Murr-ma gin

Looking for a spirit to spice up the holidays? Murr-ma Distilling Co. is about as local as you can get.

Not only do they craft right here in Easthampton, they feature local artists on all of their label designs. Check out their flagship offering, Mt. Tom Gin, and mix yourself and your loved ones a killer cocktail this year.

Let's Cheers
A bottle of Murrr-ma Gin.