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About Cantrip

We’re an infused beverage company on a mission to transform the cannabis experience.

Our hemp-derived THC drinks give everyone a fun, familiar way to hang out without the hangover.

We want Cantrip to bring you value in a distinctive way. No matter what your reason is for grabbing a can– whether you want a low-cal, low-sugar drink, a relaxing alcohol alternative, or a new way to see the world– we’re here to support your authenticity and enjoyment of life.

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The top of a Cantrip can.
Cantrip CEO and co-founder, Adam Terry, smiling in front of a rainbow background.

Adam Terry

Adam is the CEO and co-founder of Cantrip. A chemist in practice and at heart, he spent over a decade working in extractions, coffee, cocktails, and cannabis product development. Now, he’s bringing THC drinks to market with one goal in mind - enhancing fun with friends.

Cantrip was designed at the nexus of Adam’s interests in social beverages, the joy of THC, and bringing people together through shared experiences. As a person who doesn’t connect with the binary gender system, Adam made it his mission that Cantrip THC drinks be created for all to enjoy.

Favorite Cantrip Flavor: Lemon Basil
Hometown: Scotch Plains, NJ
Hobbies:  Tweeting, sudoku, and bad video games
College: University of Massachusetts Amherst

Dylan Lowery

Dylan is Cantrip's glue. After co-founding the company with Adam, he now works as the COO. Dylan helps to bring the team together cross-functionally and makes sure product, marketing, sales, and the other key components of the business are running smoothly so we can continue to delight consumers with Cantrip!

Favorite Cantrip Flavor: Orange Soda
Hometown: Hackettstown, NJ
Hobbies: Training his dogs, hiking, fitness, and cannabis
College: Towson University

Cantrip COO and co-founder, Dylan Lowery, smiling in front of a rainbow background.
A picture of Jess Brandon, Cantrip's Creative Director.

Jess Brandon

Jess is Cantrip's Creative Director, which basically means she makes sure that everything Cantrip produces looks as good as it tastes. She spent her academic life studying art and design, and lamenting every hangover she ever had. Jess is a queer woman who is adamant about growing a brand that is inclusive to all. She is passionate about Cantrip's collab with Black and Pink, and is excited to be able to help Cantrip be as influential and active in the advocacy space as possible.

Favorite Cantrip Flavor: Blackberry Lavender
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Hobbies:  Rock climbing, riding her Rad Power Bike, gaming of all kinds, and hanging out with her cats
College: Brandeis University

Colin Curran

Colin is Cantrip's Sales Development Manager and he makes sure that Cantrip is in all the stores you want it to be in. He is also the face you see during pop-up events! He had a great time in college and decided to continue the party by working in the alcoholic beverage industry for 5+ years after he graduated. Colin joined Cantrip in 2021 and no longer drinks alcohol, in part because of the benefits that THC & CBD can give people. He is passionate about Cantrip and the social/physical benefits it provides consumers as a healthier alternative to alcohol!

Favorite Cantrip Flavor: Ginger Peach
Hometown: Princeton Junction, NJ
Hobbies: DJing, hiking, attending concerts/sporting events, and cooking to name just a few!
College: Bentley University

Cantrip sales development manager, Colin Curran, smiling in front of a rainbow background.

our brand

Let's start from the beginning.

Cantrip means, literally, a playful act. The word is associated with magic and the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons (DnD). It’s the simplest spell that can be cast in the game, which centers around a social, immersive adventure. Human connection, excitement, mischief, and exploration are integral parts of both DnD and the Cantrip brand. Cantrip drinkers can decide how much of an adventure they wish to experience, just like in DnD. This is how we came up with the Cantrip logo.

The rings of color represent the compounding effect of consuming multiple THC drinks, as well as the path that Cantrip will take you on. The shades of blue and purple in the logo were chosen to represent a bright and magical feeling, while the blending of colors on our cans references the mix of conversation, experiences, and ideas that you will share while drinking Cantrip.

The Cantrip logo, featuring concentric shapes of green, blue, purple, and indigo, which represent Cantrip’s sessionable infused beverage experience.