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About Cantrip

Cantrip is the THC-infused beverage company leveling up the drinking experience, and on a mission to bring ebullient, ascendant experiences to customers worldwide– in liquid form.

Cantrip's hemp-derived d9-THC drinks give everyone a fun, familiar way to hang out without the hangover.

At Cantrip, we brew for value, authenticity, and joy. Whether you're seeking a light alternative to alcohol, a new form of serenity, or are going through a personal transformation, Cantrip will walk with you.

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The top of a Cantrip can.

XO lids on all of our multi-serving cans let you reseal the drink. No worries if you want to have a sip or two and then close it up - it will stay nice and fresh!

Cantrip CEO and co-founder, Adam Terry, smiling in front of a rainbow background.

Adam Terry

Adam is the CEO and co-founder of Cantrip. A chemist in practice and at heart, he spent over a decade working in extractions, coffee, cocktails, and cannabis product development. Now, he’s bringing THC drinks to market with one goal in mind - brewing the best damn beverages in the business.

Cantrip is Adam’s love letter to beverage and cannabis, the two consumer products he loves most.

“I see beverages as a way to share what I love with the world, as much as writing a song or a poem. This is my art and my work.”

Dylan Lowery

Dylan is Cantrip's glue. After co-founding the company with Adam, he now works as the COO.

Dylan helps to bring the team together cross-functionally and makes sure product, marketing, sales, and the other key components of the business are running smoothly so we can continue to delight consumers with Cantrip.

Cantrip COO and co-founder, Dylan Lowery, smiling in front of a rainbow background.
A picture of Jess Brandon, Cantrip's Creative Director.

Jess Brandon

Jess is Cantrip's Creative Director. She spent her academic life studying art and design, and lamenting every hangover she ever had.

Jess is a queer woman who is adamant about growing a brand that is inclusive to all. She's excited to be able to help Cantrip embody the principles of self-betterment, exploration, and genuine enjoyment.

The Cantrip Brand

Cantrip means, literally, a mischievous or playful act. Adam and Jess picked this name for the beverage after an arduous naming process, selecting the word that most connected with them and the beverage.

In the popular role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, a cantrip is a level-0 spell; something almost everyone has access to. With low-dose and approachable beverages in mind and a connection to storytelling and magical worlds, Cantrip became the obvious choice for the name of the drink.

The logo, also called the Cantrip eye, contains rings of color that represent the growing effect of consuming multiple THC drinks, as well as the path that Cantrip will take you on.

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The Cantrip logo, featuring concentric shapes of green, blue, purple, and indigo, which represent Cantrip’s sessionable infused beverage experience.