A can of Cantrip Lemon Basil thc-infused seltzer

Why cantrip?

Three low-dose seltzers, three classic sodas, and an electric energy drink. Whether you're new to the weed experience or a cannabis connoisseur, Cantrip has a hemp-based THC drink for everyone.


thc seltzers

Hangout without the hangover: sessionable, social drinks made for a buildable buzz.

Cantrip seltzers are the perfect drink for a party, social outing, or low-dose dash of relaxation while you engage in your favorite hobby. These infused beverages were created with the canna-curious and social drinker in mind, while still packing enough punch to ensure you feel a mild buzz.

There's no learning curve here– just pop the top and enjoy! When you finish one, you'll know if you want another; the fast-acting THC infusion makes for a 10-15 minute onset.

8 calories per can




fast-acting THC

natural flavoring

Blackberry Lavender Seltzer

5 mg THC per can. Snappy fruit and a sweet, earthy pop.

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A can of Cantrip THC-infused Blackberry Lavender seltzer.

Lemon Basil Seltzer

5 mg THC per can. Slightly tart, with a balancing herbal twist.

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A can of Cantrip THC-infused Lemon Basil seltzer.

Ginger Peach Seltzer

3 mg THC + 2 mg CBD per can. Mellow sweetness and a zesty buzz of spice.

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A can of Cantrip THC-infused Ginger Peach seltzer.


thc sodas

Sky-high sodas: a lofty buzz with a resealable lid for the perfect multi-serving pop.

Multiple doses and multiple servings: Cantrip infused sodas are for everyone Each can, whether it be 10mg, 25mg, or 50mg, is fitted with a resealable lid, so there is no need to drink the whole thing if you aren't feeling it.

Tic marks on the side of the can help you know exactly how much THC you are consuming. And the best part? All Cantrip sodas are made with natural flavorings and no artificial sweeteners. Cheers to a higher-caliber soda.




natural flavoring

Orange Soda

10mg | 25mg | 50mg per can. Sweet, bright, and juicy.

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Root Beer

10mg | 25mg | 50mg per can. An old favorite with an imaginative twist.

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A can of Cantrip THC-infused Root Beer.


10mg | 25mg | 50mg per can. A refreshing buzz with an iconic cola taste.

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A can of Cantrip 10MG THC cola.


Pace Energy

90 mg of caffeine meets vitamins B6, C, and L-theanine for a functional THC buzz.

THC and exercise– be it at the gym or on the dance floor– are a perfect match. A jolt of energy meets the mellowing effects of THC, so that your jitters disappear and you're able to really enjoy every moment of movement.

Pace is loaded with vitamins and an amino acid to add to the pleasure of the caffeine, and help you get a well-rounded dose of feel-good nutraceuticals.

0 calories




fast-acting THC

natural flavoring

Pace Dragonberry

10mg THC + 90 mg caffeine. Electric dragonfruit and sweet strawberry.

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A can of Cantrip Pace Dragonberry infused energy drink.