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What does cannabis-infused mean?

If you’re just starting to dip your toe in the water, you might be wondering about this “infused” business. It simply means that we break hemp-derived THC down into itty-bitty particles and suspend them in our beverages. The result: A super tasty and fast-acting drinkable cannabis.

Is cannabis-infused seltzer legal?

If your infused seltzer is made with hemp-derived THC, and the supplier followed USDA rules for growing hemp, you bet it is!

Why is drinkable cannabis becoming so popular…so fast?

- Infused seltzers are a super alcohol alternative if you want to hang out without the hangover.

- You’ll feel the magic working in 20-30 minutes—maybe faster (edibles take a while to kick-in, so people sometimes think they need more and over do it).

- You get all the happy THC feelings without breathing anything into those lungs of yours.

- Did we also mention they’re fabulously delicious?

What does cannabis seltzer taste like?

Well, that depends. Some are very weed-flavor forward, and some mask the weed with lots of sugar for sweet and fruity flavor profiles.

We take a different approach. Our CEO was once a bartender, and he approaches Cantrip like a mixologist. When creating our drinks, he uses herbal flavors that work with the weed so it vanishes into the background—leaving only bright and magical flavors behind.

How do I find the best cannabis beverages for me?

There are lots of cannabis beverage companies out there, and finding your perfect drink is an act of high adventure!

Our advice? Pop into a dispensary or liquor store, if you can. Share your flavor preferences with the clerk and ask for a few recommendations. They’ll be able to tell you what’s flying off the shelves and point you in the right direction. (Be sure to look for a brand that tests their infused drinks with a third-party lab!)

What about cannabis seltzer delivery?

If you don’t have a retail location near you, don’t sweat it. Lots of infused drink makers will discreetly ship cannabis seltzer right to your door. We sure do!

THC Seltzer Variety Pack


Ginger Peach THC Seltzer


Lemon Basil THC Seltzer


Blackberry Lavender THC Seltzer


“This is the future of cannabis. From the first time I tasted these seltzers over a year ago I knew this was something different. They taste great, they don't knock me out and it beats alcohol because I don't feel awful the next day. Highly recommend.”

- Rick B.

So many infused drinks to try...

Whether you’re planning a rousing games night, pre-partying before a night on the town, or searching for your zen, Cantrip cannabis seltzer gives you a better way to chill.