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Light, bright, and cheery, THC and CBD-infused beverages are giving people just like you a magical new way to experience the world.

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Your cannabis seltzer questions, answered

What is cannabis seltzer?

A light and refreshing drinkable weed, these beverages are infused with super tiny particles of fast-acting THC or CBD (or both). That means your body absorbs the good stuff much faster compared to other edibles—just five to ten minutes for most people. And this is a good thing. When you feel the magic right away, you’re far less likely to over-consume—helping you make sure your cannabis seltzer experience is a smashing one.

What does cannabis seltzer taste like?

It depends. Some drink makers create seltzers with weed-forward flavor profiles. Some mask the weed flavor with loads of sugar.

Not us. Like a great bartender mixing an unforgettable cocktail, we create unique blends that allow the weed flavor to disappear into the background—leaving only what Bon Appetít calls, “an ebullient, enchanting high without any hard work."

How are CBD seltzers and THC seltzers different?

Well, THC is psychoactive so you’ll feel a buzz. Not so with CBD, though some people say it helps them feel more relaxed. It’s why you’ll find THC seltzers, CBD seltzers, and CBD + THC seltzers on store shelves—lots of options to help you get to where you want to go.

So, experiment; discover the magic that’s right for you.

What is hemp-derived THC?

Hemp-derived THC comes from the same cannabis plant as marijana-derived THC—there’s no difference in its chemical makeup or the way your body experiences it. It’s simply a designation that makes THC legal in all 50 states.

Not to get too in the weeds on weed regulations, but the government defines "hemp" as cannabis containing less than 0.3% by weight d9-THC, and it must be grown in compliance with the 2018 Agricultural Improvement Act. Meanwhile, “marijuana” can contain any amount of d9-THC and be grown anywhere else.

Where can I get cannabis seltzer?

Order infused drinks online from shops like ours, and have a little magic dropped right at your doorstep. In states like Massachusetts and Minnesota, Texas and Tennessee (and more!), you might also find it at your favorite local bar, liquor store, or grocery store. Just give them a jingle and ask.

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