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Cannabis soda

Get a warm-fuzzy feeling when you think about the sodas you loved as a kid? Looking for a fun way to socialize? You’re in luck! Cannabis soda delivers a bold twist on the classics, giving you a transformative experience—over ice or ice cream.

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The Cantrip Cola can.




natural flavoring

What is cannabis soda?

We break down hemp-derived THC into super tiny particles and suspend them in our orange soda, root beer, and cola. The result: A fast-acting dose of nostalgia.

Is cannabis soda legal?

If an infused soda is made with hemp-derived THC, and the supplier followed USDA rules for growing hemp, you bet it is. (Ours sure are.)

What should you know before you buy—and try?

Cannabis sodas often come packaged as multidose cans—so read that label closely before you toss one back.

Look for brands that offer resealable cans, like ours, so your cannabis soda tastes just as great the second time you pop open the can.

Find cannabis beverage companies that use natural flavorings—that’s how you’ll get that classic flavor without the bitterness of artificial ingredients.

Choose responsible brands that test their drinks with a third-party lab and publish their results

Can you order cannabis soda online?

You sure can! Infused beverage makers, like us, will discreetly ship cannabis soda right to your doorstep. So, if you don’t have a liquor store or dispensary nearby, give it a try.

10 MG sodas

THC Soda Variety Pack (10 MG)


THC Cola (10 MG)


Orange THC Soda (10 MG)


THC Root Beer (10 MG)


* High dose *

50 MG sodas

THC Soda Variety Pack (50 MG)


THC Root Beer (50 MG)


Orange THC Soda (50 MG)


There's a Cantrip for everyone. Cheers to choice!

Whether you’ve got a Settlers of Catan night in the cards or a night on the town, Cantrip cannabis soda gives you a better way to chill.