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hangout without the hangover.

CBD THC seltzer

We craft our fast-acting CBD THC seltzer to work with the cannabis flavor for a delightfully light and refreshing experience.

It’s why Bon Appétit called our infused beverages " ebullient, enchanting high without any hard work."

The Cantrip Ginger Peach can.

extracted THC





natural flavoring

What makes our infused seltzer so peachy?

- Just 10 calories
- Fast-acting, naturally extracted THC
- Vegan and gluten-free
- High quality, natural ingredients
- Third-party tested so you feel confident every time you crack open a can

Ginger Peach Seltzer

With 3mg THC and 2mg CBD in every can, our infused seltzer is the perfect way to chill—whether you’re hosting a book club, hanging at the beach, or headed to the gym.

The Cantrip Ginger Peach can.

What do people love about our CBD THC seltzer?

“Love that these seltzers have a noticeable terpene profile- gives an awesome taste. And low sugar too.”

- Jake, MN

"This hits at the perfect level for a chill night. 5 stars."

- Benji, NY

"Awesome! Great flavor to it and doesn't pack too much of a punch!"

- Connor, NJ

"Def recommend, especially if you don’t consume THC on a regular basis but still enjoy the occasional toke."

- Daniel, NY

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