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What’s got people so excited?

Delta 9 drinks

Delta 9 drinks—they’re creating a lot of buzz. (If you ask us, we’ll tell you they’re pretty dope.) But, as cannabis legalization rapidly transforms the social drinking experience, there are a lot of facts to sift from the fluff.

We’ll help you wade through the basics so you can confidently explore magic by the sip.

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What is a delta 9 drink, exactly?

Well, for starters, delta 9 is a form of THC—that’s an intoxicating cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp plants.

THC beverage companies, like us, use a process to break that extracted THC down into super tiny particles, and then we suspend it in refreshing seltzers, bold sodas, and invigorating energy drinks.

Drink a delta 9 drink, and it triggers a dopamine release that gives you those feel-good feelings—without the negative social pressure that comes with smoking pot. Oh, and you’re not inhaling it into your lungs. That’s a big win for your health!

What’s the difference between delta 8 and delta 9?

They both come from the marijuana and hemp plants, though they’re different cannabinoids. Of these, delta 9 is the most potent, deeply researched, and well-understood of the two. When people think about the pleasant high they get from smoking weed? That’s delta 9.

Delta 8, on the other hand, affects people a bit differently. Some say it’s like the high you get from eating edibles. It's about half as potent, though, so you have to consume twice as much to reach your ideal chill.

Do delta 9 drinks taste like weed?

That really depends on the THC beverage company.

Some work with the cannabis flavor to create drinks that don’t taste like weed. that's Cantrip! For example, the delicious ingredients in our lemon-basil THC seltzer seamlessly blend with the cannabis—allowing the cannabis flavor to disappear into the background.

Meanwhile, some drink makers create beverages that are very weed flavor-forward, which some people love. Others mask the cannabis flavor with lots of sugar. You’ll also find dosing plays as a role here. High-dose THC drinks tend to taste more like weed simply because there’s more THC present.

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