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THC drinks in Tennessee

From Nashville to Memphis and Knoxville to Chatt, THC drinks are flying onto menus and store shelves—and creating one heckuva buzz.

Ready to hangout without the hangover? Discover where you can try THC sodas, seltzers, and energy drinks right here in Tennessee. Plus, some sage wisdom if you’re new to infused drinks.

A few quick shopping tips

Searching for your perfect sip? There are lots of options out there, and you can stack the deck in your favor when you keep a few things in mind.

- If you’re new to THC, try a low-dose seltzer. You’ll have more control over your experience so you can make sure it’s super.

- Look for companies that publish their third-party testing results, so you have confidence you’re getting a great product.

- Peek at the nutrition panel if you’re watching your sugar. Those sugary THC sodas can come with multiple servings in every can.

- Choose infused drinks crafted with high quality, natural ingredients; they taste great and they’re better for you

Where can you find infused drinks in Tennesee?

Lots of places! Whether you want to meet-up with friends for a night on the town, host a backyard BBQ, or chill at home in your PJs, we’ve got you covered.

Green Daisy
Franklin, TN

The Pond
Franklin, TN

The Wine Cellar
Murfreesboro, TN

Smokers Abbey Gallatin
Gallatin, TN

Franklin's Wine and Spirit
Lebanon, TN

Last Chance Liquors
Nashville, TN

There are plenty other locations - head into your local Tennessee liquor store and ask about THC! Hotspots include Nashville and Franklin.

Give THC drink delivery in Tennessee a try.

Level-up your chill; let the THC drinks come to you! Get THC drinks online from shops like ours, and have the fun delivered right to your door.

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There's a Cantrip for everyone. Cheers to choice!

Whether you’re gathering with friends for a football watch party, digging into a mess of Memphis BBQ, or belting out Jolene at your favorite karaoke bar, Cantrip THC drinks give you a better way to chill.