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THC drinks in Texas

On the hunt for non-alcoholic alternatives or a sensational new way to socialize? Whether you want to buy THC drinks online or try them at hot spots across Austin, Dallas, Houston, and beyond—we’ve got you covered.

From sky-high THC sodas with flavors as big as Texas itself to uplifting energy drinks and low-dose seltzers, here’s what you need to know.

Finding the just-right THC drinks for your high adventure

Your transformative experience is waiting. As you begin, just keep these simple tips in mind.

- Get your drinks from companies that publish their third-party testing results for an experience you can hang your hat on.

- Peek at the serving size if you’re careful about your sugar consumption. Many sugary THC sodas come with multiple servings in a single can.

- Look for infused drinks made with high quality, natural ingredients. Steer clear of artificial sweeteners, like aspartame.

- Consider kicking things off with a low-dose THC seltzer—you’ll have more control over your first experience, so you can make it a magical one.

Where can you find THC drinks in Texas?

Infused beverages are flying onto menus and store shelves all across The Lone Star State. Of course, if cozying up at home is your idea of a fine time, THC delivery services can bring the fun right to your front step.

Green Haus
Austin, TX

Nine Realms
Humble, TX

Spring, TX

Bethany Discount Liquor
Allen, TX

Emerald Organics
Dallas, TX

5 Star Nutrition
Waco, TX

Infuse Me
Houston, TX

The Vapiary
Pearland, TX

Uproar Wellness
Houston, TX

There are plenty other locations - head into your local Dallas liquor store and ask about THC!

Give THC drinks delivery in Texas a try.

If it’s chill you’re after, why not sit back, relax, and let the joy come to you! Buy THC drinks online from shops like ours.

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There's a Cantrip for everyone. Cheers to choice!

Whether you’re sitting down with friends for a football watch party, digging into a hefty plate of Franklin Barbecue, or finding your zen on the Gulf Coast as you cast a line, Cantrip THC drinks give you a better way to chill.