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pick up the pace

Pace THC energy drinks

Need to push through a tough workout? A late-night gathering? Our fast-acting, THC-infused energy drinks help you power through whenever you need a lift.

The Cantrip Pace Dragonberry can.

0 calories





natural flavoring

Clean and bold

Refresh and refocus with a clean, slightly sweet pick-me-up. We use all-natural flavorings that harmoniously blend with the THC—giving you an exhilarating taste that masks the bitter flavor many find in other weed drinks.

A consistent boost

Looking for a safe, consistent experience? We’ve got you. We partner with trusted THC and nutraceutical suppliers, and we regularly third-party test our infused energy drinks, so you can confidently propel yourself forward.

Aligned with your lifestyle

With zero calories and a blend of nutraceuticals, our Pace THC energy drinks deliver the jitter-free caffeine boost that helps you tackle whatever lies ahead—whether you’re rocking it at the gym, on the gaming console, or the dance floor.

Pace Infused Energy

Pace Dragonberry THC Energy Drink


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