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Bubbly Alcohol Alternatives Open the Portal to the Party Dimension

THC Mocktail Recipes - Magic Brews for Boozeless Bewitchment

“Cocktail party” is such an appealing pair of words. It immediately evokes a relaxed yet classy atmosphere where you can hang out with old friends or meet new ones as a pleasant haze of mild inebriation floats through the air.

But what if you don’t drink? Fortunately, there’s a great alcohol alternative if you’re sober or just looking to cut back. We’ve created the best THC mocktail recipes that will leave your guests buzzing without getting buzzed.

The Cantrip Orange Soda can.

Orange Tripsicle

Want to know a secret? That cocktail party full of classy adults holding their drinks as they discuss the events of the day and offer dry chuckles in response to witty bon mots? They all secretly wish they could be kids again, at least once in a while. What else is a cocktail but a chance to relax and feel a fraction of the stress-free existence of childhood?

This Orange Tripsicle is an alcohol free THC cocktail that tastes like nostalgia in a glass. Your guests deserve to reclaim a little bit of childhood, even at your super duper fancy get together. 


- 1/2 ounce vanilla simple syrup (pre-bought or homemade)
- 1 ounce half-and-half (or lactose-free equivalent)
- 5 ounces Cantrip THC Orange Soda
- Orange slice, for garnish
- Alcohol-free cocktail bitters

Pour the Cantrip Orange Soda, 1/2 ounce vanilla simple syrup, and 1 ounce half-and-half in a cocktail shaker and shake well.

Pour over ice and add a dash of alcohol-free bitters. Garnish with an orange slice. Now your grown-up housewarming party can feel just a little bit like waiting to get picked up at the end of day camp. 

If you’re looking to make your own vanilla-flavored simple syrup, you’ll need to do some prepwork in advance. Heat a 1:1 ratio (by volume) of water and sugar (ideally demerara) with one bean of vanilla or add nonalcoholic vanilla flavoring to taste. You can reuse the bean multiple times once it cools.

Now you’re ready for refreshment and relaxation.

The Cantrip Root Beer can.

Root Beer Slammer

Root beer is the original drink for kids who want to feel like adults. It even has “beer” in the name. However, experts know that root beer is also a delicious treat for actual adults, especially if it comes with a THC infusion. 

This THC drink recipe is perfect whether you’re feeling sweet or spicy. If you really want to go nuts you could even add a scoop of ice cream to make a THC mocktail float. It’s the absolute height of nostalgic decadence. 


- 4 ounces Cantrip THC Root Beer 
- 1 ounce chai spice flavored simple syrup Alcohol-free cocktail bitters 
- Orange peel for garnish
- Cocktail cherry for another garnish

If you can’t find chai spice flavored simple syrup, it’s easy to make your own in advance.  Just heat a 1:1 ratio (by volume) of water and sugar (ideally demerara) with chai spice from either a mix or steeping a chai tea bag

Pour the Cantrip Root Beer, chai spice-flavored simple syrup, and bitters over ice and stir gently. Garnish with an orange peel and a cocktail cherry.It may be called a slammer, but we recommend sipping and savoring.

The Cantrip Cola can.


We hear what you’re saying. These are some great THC drink recipes, but you want something even classier. You want to close your eyes and take a sip of a drink that makes you feel like you’re vibing in the back of a smokey New Orleans bar, enveloped by jazz.

The sazera(TH)C is the perfect mocktail for you. It's a nonalcoholic cannabis-infused version of the “Nawlins” classic. 

How exactly do you pronounce “Sazera(TH)C?” If you’re worrying about that, you should chill out and drink another one.


- 3 ounces Cantrip THC Cola 
- 1/4 ounce anise-flavored simple syrup 
- 1 sugar cube Alcohol-free cocktail bitters
- Lemon peel for garnish

Prepare the anise-flavored simple syrup in advance. Simply heat 1:1 ratio (by volume) of water and sugar (ideally demerara) with one-star anise pod. One pod should be good for a few uses.

Rinse a chilled old fashioned glass with the anise-flavored simple syrup. Add crushed ice and set it aside. Add the Cantrip Cola, sugar cube, and three dashes of the bitters into a separate glass and mix well. Strain the contents of that mixing glass into the old fashioned glass. Twist the lemon peel to let the essence out and then use it to garnish. Enjoy!

Cantrip cocktails get the party started

Cantrip THC mocktails are the perfect ingredient to get the party started. Specifically a cool party with cool people having a cool time with each other. Give these drink recipes a try and we’re sure your friends will agree.