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What's all the excitement about?

THC Soda

Soda has a funny way of transporting us to those fabulous summers at the beach or ballpark, to lazy picnics with family, or slumber parties with friends. And now there's a brand new way to enjoy them. A bold twist on the original, THC soda is a transformative experience—over ice or ice cream.

All of the Cantrip 10mg soda cans: Cola, Root beer, and Orange Soda.




natural flavoring

What do THC sodas do for you?

They'll give you a buzz. But how much depends on the particular frosty beverage in your hand—and you, the lucky person about to embark on a brand new social drinking experience.

New to THC drinks? You'll probably feel intoxicated on a low-to-moderate dose (3-10 MG)—while still feeling like you can function in the world. But if you're a regular cannabis consumer, you might feel stone-cold sober unless you're sipping a high dose THC root beer, like a 50 MG cola—a beverage that would leave the canna-curious on the floor.

Our advice: Start low and slow. Take a sessional approach and build your buzz.

How long does it take?

If your THC soda is well-made, the buzz could be rapid, or take up to 20 minutes. If you're like most people, you'll feel the fun kick in around the 10 to 15 minute mark, and it will last for about 2 hours.

Can you mix THC sodas with alcohol?

The combination of THC and alcohol won't create a harmful chemical reaction. But we know consuming alcohol can be dangerous—and mixing two inebriating drinks can make it harder for you to manage your buzz, potentially putting you in an unsafe situation.

What is the benefit of drinking THC soda over smoking weed?

Not only does it taste remarkably delicious:

- It's the fastest way to get high.

- You won't inhale harmful chemicals into your lungs.

- You can drink weed in public and indoors without that nagging fear of judgment.

- You won't smell like weed.

- It's as easy as popping open a can—no lighter, no rolling papers, no flower.

How can you find the best THC soda experience?

It's all about the journey, right? And talk about a high adventure. As you search for your soon-to-be favorite soda brand and flavor, keep a few things in mind:

- Buy from THC soda companies that conduct third-party testing and publish their results—then you’ll have confidence they're delivering on their marketing claims.

- Look for high quality ingredients in the nutrition facts panels—and steer clear of artificial sweeteners, like aspartame.

- Peek at the serving size per can if watching your sugar intake is important to you (those 14 calories could really be 140 if you drink an entire can of high-dose soda).

- Look for beverage makers who give you greater control over your high—like putting dosing marks on their cans so you can estimate how much THC you've consumed.

- If you’re new to THC drinks, consider starting out with a low dose—5 MG THC (or a combination of THC and CBD)

Find your favorite.

Bold takes on classic tastes. From orange soda and cola to root beer, you're sure to find a Cantrip to love.

THC Soda Variety Pack (10 MG)


THC Cola (10 MG)


Orange THC Soda (10 MG)


THC Root Beer (10 MG)


High dose!

50 MG sodas

THC Soda Variety Pack (50 MG)


THC Root Beer (50 MG)


Orange THC Soda (50 MG)


What do people love about Cantrip THC soda?

“This drink works! …the orange soda tastes sooo good! I really appreciate the highly engineered lid which keeps soda fresh between drinks, it's the best can I've ever seen.”

- Ryan, MN

“Great taste, great customer service and the soda hits real nice. Now my preferred method to catch a buzz.”

- KB, NJ

“I don't drink alcohol and wasn't sure if I'd like this. It's amazing! Great taste, smooth going down, and effective quickly.”

- Jess, NY

“I didn't think this would be so tasty but it is. Add vanilla ice cream and you have one awesome RBF. Well worth the money and the best part is the buzz!”

- John, MN

So many THC sodas to try...

There's always more Cantrip to discover. If you have any questions, head to our hemp FAQ page and get them answered!