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A magical new way to hang

Weed drinks

Infused beverages are completely transforming the way we drink and experience the world.

Curious about weed drinkables? Let's kick off your high adventure.

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Can you drink weed?

Of course! And this is an exciting time to give weed drinks a try.

There are sensational weed seltzers, sodas, and energy drinks on the market, and the flavors are endless—from classic weed colas to sophisticated seltzers, like blackberry lavender.

You’re sure to find one you’ll love!

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What are weed drinks, exactly?

Infused drink makers, like us, suspend super tiny particles of cannabis or hemp-derived THC in our beverages, giving you a fast-acting drinkable weed and a magical new way to chill.

Even better, you won’t wake up with a hangover like you do with alcohol.

Do weed drinkables work faster?

They sure do! And here’s why…

When you consume a weed edible, like a gummy, it takes the slow boat before hitting your bloodstream—making its way through your digestive system and getting processed by your liver before the magic happens. Most people wait 45 minutes to an hour before feeling anything. 

Weed drinkables? They bypass your liver. Instead, they’re absorbed right through your gut wall for a fast-acting THC experience. Most people feel all those good feelings in just 10-15 minutes.

What do weed drinkables taste like?

Well, that all depends on the brand you choose! Some infused drinks are very weed flavor-forward, while others mask the cannabis flavor with a lot of sugar—giving you a very sweet drink.

We take a different approach. Our infused seltzers are carefully crafted with terpenes and all-natural flavorings that work with the cannabis flavor; options like ginger peach and lemon basil.

In the end, that means the weed taste vanishes into the drink—just like a really fabulous cocktail.

Exploring weed drinks for sale?

You’re in luck! Because Cantrip is made with hemp-derived THC, we can ship directly to your home in most states.

Cans of all 3 Cantrip seltzer flavors: Lemon Basil, Blackberry Lavender, and Ginger Peach.

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Two cans of Cantrip's THC-infused Pace energy drink.


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So many infused drinks to try...

There's always more Cantrip to discover. If you have any questions, head to our hemp FAQ page and get them answered!