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Weed Energy Drinks

You’ve probably heard about the new weed energy drinks flying onto store shelves and bar menus. The latest in functional energy drinks, they’re winning raves from athletes, gamers—heck, anyone looking for a world-conquering, jitter-free boost.

What should you know before giving them a try? We’re so happy you asked!

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What is a weed energy drink?

It’s a lot like the energy drinks you already know and love– Monster, Red Bull, and the like– but with an extra bit of magic. The result: A bold, buoyant beverage that offers a caffeine energy boost and the intoxicating effects of Delta 9 or Delta 8. Even better, unlike a Vegas Bomb, Vodka Red Bull Vodka, or Irish Monster, you can hang out or hang tough– without the hangover.

Why do people drink energy drinks with THC?

When you drink caffeine, you can get a little jittery, a little spastic, and a little spacey. THC can help with a bit of mellow and a bit of buzz. It helps you feel ready for anything– challenging workouts, boisterous game nights, and dancing till your drop.

It’s really fascinating to hear athletes speak about THC. Some were already drinking energy drinks– they liked that big boost of energy before a tough workout. Now, instead of thinking ahead to what they have to do next, they’re finding that the THC helps them stay present so they can push themselves a bit further. Weed energy drinks are giving them that happy medium between feeling energized, high, and focused.

What are nutraceuticals, and what do they do for you?

A lot of infused energy drinks contain nutraceuticals– or functional ingredients that offer some sort of health-boosting benefit. So, it really depends on the formulation of the particular weed energy drink. As an example, we add Vitamin B-6, Vitamin C, and L-theanine to Pace, helping smooth out the caffeine jitteriness and giving your immune system a little boost.

How do I find the best weed energy drink to try?

These drinks are pretty new to the market, so we encourage you to buy only from THC infused beverage companies that third-party test their products– and make it easy for you to check their results. It’s the only way to know if the dose you’ve been promised is on target–or way over, under, or absent (because it’s happening with less diligent beverage makers).

Also keep an eye on the amount of THC and caffeine in the beverage. Some weed energy drinks are coming out with 300 milligrams of caffeine, and that’s a heavy dose! Aim for something that’s on par with a cup of coffee—somewhere in that 90 milligrams range.

You’ll also want to find a drink with a THC level right for you. That will give you the calm, present feeling you’re looking for. A drink with 50-60 milligrams? You might be too busy trying to put both shoes on one foot to safely make your way to the gym. 

One last thing: Some weed energy drink makers, like us, create flavors that allow the taste of weed to fade into the background. Others mask the weed taste with loads of sugar. They’re also using artificial flavors to cut costs. Be sure to check the nutrition panel if low sugar content and all-natural flavorings are important to you.

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